Saturday, 7 May 2011

redemption has a face

i'm going through my journals and writings from the last few years tonight. 

here was one from an orphanage in Africa.

"the song goes “all along i thought i was learning how to take, how to bend not how to break, how to laugh not how to cry, but really i’ve been learning how to die”. off Jon Foreman’s Winter album, the song says it better… the consonance between the cup and the cross. from refugee camps in mozambique to orphan homes in malawi, how do you go on living when you’ve seen so much?

lately, i’ve kept coming back to this… that i’m so far from perfect and these scars are too hard to hide. i’m a story of regret and redemption because i feel like a write-off whose days are still being written. i’m dying to my world within and without. verity meets reality where truth meets traction. heaven on earth is more than a stark epigram. it was the father of all prayers. and, the cause is bigger than benevolence, because it is Love. there is a higher law at work in life than physics, politics and misery. 

there’s a better blood."

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