Friday, 13 May 2011

the day i saw love

if i had seen love any day, it was how i saw that mother taking care of that broken child.

but this isn't about the mother. it's about the boy.
diagnosed with a disease he didn't deserve, living in a body crushed by big words like spinal scoliosis and dyskinetic cerebral palsy, stolen of his healthy precious mind - all because a few nerves that run along his back to his head were ever so slightly out of place.

meanwhile, this place is called Shishu Bhavan.

this is a place where the don't belongs, the abandoned, the unwanted, and the out-of-place have a home. so vulnerable and so broken in their body... that most of them can't even move their limbs, they can't even move their eyes. the only thing that they can do is breathe. and as i feed them, as i clean them, as i sing to them, as i dance with them, as i put them to sleep - i know that because they breathe, because they exist, i learn how to love. 

1 comment:

  1. "If you have to break,
    say it for a friend.
    If you have to speak,
    tell it like a condemned man.
    If you have to rule,
    use an opened hand.

    If you have to keep,
    keep your mind at ease."

    Lest we forget, we are blessed.

    Stay strong, Jobin. Keeping you in my heart,